The Information Security Society of Africa - Nigeria (ISSAN) is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to the protection of Nigeria’s cyberspace. We are also significantly involved in ensuring the security of Banking Systems and applications, ATMs, e-government systems and the entire cyberspace in Nigeria. Furthermore, we seek to achieve our objectives through awareness heightening measures including the promotion of appropriate legislation and best practices.

Our membership cuts across both public and private sectors of the economy including Banks, Telecommunications Operators, Government parastatals, switching companies, IT and IT Security Consultancies, Legal Practitioners with a keen interest in cyber-related matters, Regulators.

ISSAN has existed for over 6 years in Nigeria and has proved to be a veritable platform for collaboration and exchange of ideas by members of the Banking and e-commerce public especially with regard to safekeeping of PINS, controls over passwords, access to the internet as well as steps organizations should take to keep their systems healthy and safe at all times. ISSAN, therefore, performs a critical role in ensuring that Information Security professionals find their voice on matters of Information Security and that all stakeholders are duly informed of the steps to take to contribute their little quota towards ensuring a safe society for us all.

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Meet The Exco

Mr. David Isiavwe Ph.D


Mr. Laja Sorunke

1st Vice President

Mr. Sele Gyang

General Secretary

Mr. Kalu Udonsi

Asst. General Secretary

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