Tiny Camera Hidden in ATM

To the untrained eye, this looks just like any of the millions of cash machines people use every day to access their money.

But a tiny, pinhead-sized hole in the plastic casing hides a chilling secret which shows just how advanced identity fraudsters have now become.

Police investigating cash-point tampering discovered the hole meant a tiny camera, which was hidden inside a false cover to the cash dispensing slot, could record the victim putting in their pin number.

 A photo of the panel after it was torn from the machine shows the camera and recording equipment that was carefully hidden inside.  


The device was uncovered at a cash-point in St Paul’s Churchyard, central London last month, one of a series of similar discoveries in the area in recent weeks.

On March 7, a similar camera was found in another cash machine in the area. This time, the recording hole was placed in a piece of plastic above the keypad.

When the fake plastic panel was pulled away, mini recording devices were found inside so that customers’ pin numbers could be recorded.

Police are now publishing the photos to show the public just how subtle and well-disguised such devices have become.

On March 2 and March 8, police seized other device believed to have been attached to cash machines in the City by fraudsters.

It is just the latest development in cash machine fraud which is leading police to warn people to be on the lookout for any signs the machine had been tampered with.

However, Nigerian financial industry operators are mandated by the CBN in the Guidelines on Operations of Electronic Payment Channels in Nigeria (https://www.cbn.gov.ng/Out/2016/BPSD/Approved%20Guidelines%20on%20Operations%20of%20Electronic%20Payment%20Channels%20in%20Nigeria.pdf) to have a functional anti-skimming device installed on all ATMs in Nigeria. Sanctions for non-compliance were also stated.

ISSAN encourages anyone that suspects an ATM to have been compromised to report to the affected Financial Institution or bring such information to the notice of the ISSAN secretariat for proper escalation.


Source: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-4315624/Would-tiny-camera-hidden-cash-machine.html#ixzz4bP3jk64j

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